Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One more thing...

Softball season is officially under way! Had my first co-ed game tonight. We lost. BUT, it feels soooo good to just be outside, and movin' this bod of mine.

Just what the doctor ordered...

This morning, on my beastly commute, right around Lagoon, I came upon a totally HOT guy, on a Harley. He caught me smiling at him, and we had a little game of freeway flirting tag. We pretty much stayed next to each other all the way until the 2200 North exit in Salt Lake. Did I mention he had on all leathers?


It totally made my day, just to have that smile to think about during the day today.

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I am a killer softball player, and I have a spontaneous soul. I love to walk outside in my socks, I think because we were all told when we were young to not go outside in our socks, and now I buy my own socks. Some of the simple things in life that bring a quick, easy smile to my face are: finding a funky new font, little shoots of green pushing their way through the dirt in spring, driving through BIG, DEEP puddles and putting Bugles Snacks on my fingers and pretending that I have long fingernails.

Good News

What an Amazing View!

What an Amazing View!
the top of that peak in the background, is where I am standing in the next picture!

I'm up on top of the world...

I'm up on top of the world...
That is Machu Picchu way small in the background!

one more of Machu Picchu

one more of Machu Picchu
there is that peak that I climbed in the background again